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Month: July, 2012

Colored Diamond Cuffs

I really love cuff bracelets, but they are very difficult to find with colored diamonds.  Here’s a few that I quite like.  I can’t find pricing on these.  I suppose if you have to ask, you can’t afford it!

What are Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds?

I always say that Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are nature’s miracles.  Born under intense heat and pressure deep beneath the earth’s mantle billions of years ago and brought to the earth’s surface through deep volcanic eruptions by a magma which cools into egneous rocks known as kimberlites and lamproites, these colored diamonds are incredibly rare and valuable.  For every 10,000 diamonds mined only 1 will be a colored diamond.  Of course this doesn’t mean that it will be a high clarity or saturated color which really puts into perspective just how rare and precious colored diamonds are.

With white diamonds, the less color present the more valuae they posess (eg. D Flawless) but with colored diamonds, the more color they contain, the rarer and therefore more valuable they will be.

Colored diamonds can be found in red, orange, pink, blue, brown, yellow, green, black and even white.  The most valuable in order are red, orange, blue, green, pink and yellow.

When you are looking for Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, you want to look for the highest clarity, cut grades, carat weight and of course strength of color available, primarily Vivid or Intense.  Of course some Fancy colored diamonds can be just as beautiful, especially when it is cut in such a way as to maximize the color and beauty.

Cuts that bring color out the best in diamonds tend to be Radiants, Cushion Cuts, Princess and Emerald Cuts.

Argyle Pinks

It seems like just about everyone is catching on to the rarity of the Argyle Pink Diamonds and such they are becoming increasingly difficult to procure.


Quoted from the Argyle Website:

An Argyle pink diamond is admired as the most concentrated form of wealth in the world.

One and a half billion years ago, forces of nature rewarded the land in Western Australia’s vast Kimberley, with pink diamonds. The exact story behind their formation remains largely a mystery, adding to their allure and intrigue.

Diamonds were first discovered in the region in 1979, when a geologist noticed a diamond embedded in an anthill. A Rio Tinto owned mine was built on the site in 1985, and of the 600 million stones it produces each year, just one tenth of one percent is pink.





Welcome to my blog…

My name is Nicole Snitman. I have been dubbed “The Queen of Diamonds by Lou Schizas, an equities analyst, investor, entrepreneur, professor and television and radio personality.  Mr Schizas hosts a nationally syndicated radio show called “The Real Money Show” which I am honoured to be a part of each week where we discuss Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds.   When clients and regular radio listeners meet me they recognize my voice and remember  “The Queen of Diamonds”, so the name sort of stuck!

As a GIA Diamonds Graduate I am fascinated by all things relating to Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds.  My aim is to educate, report and comment on the wonderful world of colored diamonds.

So if you find the world of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds as intoxicating as I do then stay tuned as I update my blog with information, pictures and facts about these incredibly rare and beautiful diamonds.

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