Barbie Doll Adorned in Argyle Pink Diamond

by queenofcolordiamonds

Meet the world’s most expensive Barbie.


My daughter is invited to a Barbie themed Birthday party this weekend where they are encouraged to bring their favorite Barbie and naturally I would like to find a nice, somewhat unusual Barbie Doll to give as a present. I’ve been to a few toy stores on the hunt for a perfect yet affordable Barbie Doll to give as a gift and I’ve been seeing a lot of couture adorned dolls which led me to do a little search online. Wow, was I amazed when I found the Canturi Barbie wearing a beautiful custom designed Argyle Pink diamond necklace which sold at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Event in October of 2010 for $302,500. Here’s the scoop…

In 2010, to celebrate the Barbie Basics Collection-a line of urban socialite dolls, each with a different hairstyle and skintone and wearing her own unique Little Black Dress-Mattel commissioned this stunning doll with accessories by renowned jewelry designer Stefan Canturi.

The necklace features 3 carats of white diamonds arranged in a Cubist style and surrounding a rare pink diamond from Australia’s Argyle mine. The centerpiece is emerald cut and weighs in at 1 carat. A ring adorned with another diamond decorates Barbie’s right hand. In 2010 Mattel sent their bejewelled Barbie on a whirlwind tour to London, Geneva and Hong Kong and then she returned to New York for Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction where the distinctive, purplish-pink diamond – a highly collectible, registered tendered stone from the Australian Argyle mine – was the drawcard. It sold for $302,500! The auctioneer, Christie’s in New York, said: “The modified square-cut fancy vivid purplish pink diamond transcends this exceptional Barbie into a historical investment piece.”

I’m amazed at how precise and beautiful Canturi’s Argyle Pink Diamond design is. This Barbie is surely one of a kind.

Getting back to the Barbie Party, it turns out that we are going on a last-minute get away and my daughter can’t make the party after all! However, I’m sure a modest Barbie will show up on the birthday’s girl door as a thank you for the invite!