Is a Blue Diamond the New Anniversary Gift of Choice for Wealthy Celebs?

by queenofcolordiamonds

Traditionally, the 4th year wedding anniversary gift is “Fruit and Flowers”.  This represents creativity, fertility, hope and renewal.  However, when it comes to the rich and famous, fruit and flowers just doesn’t cut it.  Rap Mogul and Producer Jay Z was rumored to have been shopping for Lumina Rare Blue Diamonds in April of 2012 for his 4th wedding anniversary and vow renewal to wife Beyonce Knowles.

And of course who could forget the stunning blue rock Jennifer Lopez flashed in 2011 from then hubby Marc Anthony.  It was said that her most prized possession at the time was the ring her husband gave her on their first wedding anniversary.  She said: “My favorite piece of jewelry that I own is a ring my husband gave me for our first anniversary. It’s a solitaire, a 14 carat blue diamond ring, a very rare diamond. It was a big deal, I’d been married a year.”

Traditionally, the first year of marriage it is customary to exchange paper, a card, a poem or stationary. Paper was chosen to symbolically represent the first wedding year anniversary because of the tremendous strength of the many fibers which bind paper into a solitary sheet.

Unfortunately the union didn’t last and they divorced this past year but she kept the ring, unlike the 6.1-carat, radiant pink diamond ring, she received from Ben Affleck which she returned when the engagement was called off.

These two high profile marriages got me wondering… are Blue Diamonds the gift of choice for romantic anniversary gifts among the rich and famous?

Perhaps these romantic and wealthy couples just don’t want to wait until the traditional 60th year to lavish their wives with a diamond.  And why should they?

Regular hard working folks don’t seem to want to wait 60 years either!

At work I am noticing a trend when it comes to couples celebrating a 20 year + wedding anniversary wanting to do something special to celebrate their anniversary and take their original white diamonds and upgrade to a Natural Fancy Colored Diamond.  It is so romantic and sweet when these men come into the office and let their wives choose the stone of their choice or they surprise them with the stone and let them choose the setting.

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and are therefore rather expensive for most people.  An alternative to blue diamonds is Yellow diamonds which look stunning against white gold or platinum, especially when surrounded by a halo of diamonds.  Here are a few of my favorite designs.