Passing on The Colored Diamond Love

by queenofcolordiamonds

So my 6 year old daughter announced to her graduating Kindergarten class that “when she grows up she wants to be a Diamond Expert”.  You can imagine the ah’s and the applause in the crowd. I mean this is not the career that most kids would know about let alone dream about.  She is obviously very influenced by her Grandad, Uncle, Father, Grandmother and Mom all working in the family business.  Not to mention, her mom is always talking about Colored Diamonds.

I have to admit I felt a bit of pride when my daughter stood on that stage and told everyone that she basically wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Even though I encourage my children to be whatever they want to be, who wouldn’t feel a sense of delight at the thought of working with your kids and letting them carry on the family business.

So in an effort to encourage my daughter’s enthusiasm for diamonds, this summer my daughter came to work with me and learned about diamonds.  She learned about the fancy cuts and color grades.  It’s amazing what 6 year old minds can soak up!  And she even got to come down to the radio show to see us all in action on our weekly show, “The Real Money Show” and though very shy at the beginning has since asked if she too can be on the air.

My daughter has now mastered the jeweler’s loupe and can identify Fancy, Vivid and Intense colors –  which goes to show that anyone with a keen interest in Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds can learn quite quickly.

Whether my daughter carries on with Guildhall tradition remains to be seen.   One thing is for sure… her little brother is not far behind!