Getting Loupey with My Triplet Hawk

by queenofcolordiamonds

Most people have a certain possession that they cherish or that makes them feel special.  For me, it’s my Swiss Axe Triplet Hawk Diamond Loupe.

My father, boss and mentor bought me this loupe as a gift when I was in the midst of studying for my GIA Diamond Grading program.  Not only is it the best loupe on the market with optical performance and beautiful ergonomic design, but more importantly my father bought it for me which is one of the reasons I treasure it so much.  I know my father needs me to have the best tools for grading the stones our company purchases and sells but knowing my father the way I do, I know it was also his way of telling me how proud he was of me for taking the GIA certification in order to excel in the family business. When the loupe arrived from Antwerp my father said I should take it with me to New York for the GIA lab class and so I did just that.

Sitting in my lab class for 5 days straight I wore my loupe around my neck like a badge of honor.  I felt a sort of pride that I owned it, maybe it was my inner loupe snob that made me feel different knowing that I had a state of the art, 2009 IF Product Design Awarded apparatus that no one else in the class had. I felt so professional and in the know with this really cool loupe…like I had arrived or something. The irony is with limited lab time I had to utilize every second on grading diamonds, not caring for my loupe and making sure it was either folded down as not to scratch the lens, that I was wearing it around my neck and didn’t leave it lying around, or that it was tucked away in it’s tin case and/or in my purse every time I left the lab for fear of it walking away I barely used it.  All my attention had to be on learning and grading diamonds.  I actually ended up using the lab microscope most of the time once I finally got the hang of it which was by day 3 and the loupes provided on the tables just for expedience.

However, when my teacher checked my grading worksheet against an included stone and needed a loupe, I proudly gave him mine.  Of course I wanted him to experience the magic of the Triplet Hawk and the promise Swiss Axe makes that “you will be looking at diamonds with the sharp focus of a hawkeye“.  When I saw the expression of “wow” when my teacher looked into the stone and then looked down at the loupe in his hand while I waited eagerly for my results I did I felt like I was the cool kid in the class.  And thankfully I did a pretty good job on the grading too!

Now a regular $10 jewelers loupe does the trick when examining and grading diamonds, but what I love about this loupe in particular is that it almost seems like there is a little light inside the loupe allowing you to see into the diamond in a way that is almost hypnotic.  The 10x triplet lens, corrected for chromatic and spherical aberration (aplanatic, achromatic) and specially coated for anti-reflection and maximum depth of view and clarity is seriously best in class.   I enjoy the experience of this loupe each time I use it and how it allows me to see the magic inside of each diamond.

So if you are looking for a 10x jeweler’s loupe, I obviously recommend the Triplet Hawk because I truly love it – and of course, the special person who gave it to me!


The Swiss Axe Triplet Hawk Loupe retails for $449.00 USD