What is the “ish” in Colored Diamonds All About?

by queenofcolordiamonds

So we know that diamonds come in a rainbow of colors:  red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow etc.  These colors are officially referred to as hues.  Why then are Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds referred to as yellowish green or brownish pink?  This is because there is usually a primary color or hue in a diamond, and then there may be an underlying color/hue which is where the “ish” part comes into play.  Argyle Pink diamonds for instance, are often purplish pink or orangey pink.  Therefore the main color (hue) is pink, but the underlying hues in these examples are purple and orange.

Now, here’s where it gets slightly more complicated.  If you see on a GIA Grading Report multiple words to describe the color and there is no “ish” it will mean that two colors are considered to be equally visible in the stone.  An example might be Blue Green or Purple Pink.