What’s Better, a Pink or Yellow Diamond?

by queenofcolordiamonds

People often ask me what is better.. a small pink diamond or a larger yellow when it comes to an investment.  I don’t think it’s as simple as this.  Here’s why…


You know how in real estate it’s all about location, location, location?  Well it’s sort of the same thing with Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds in that it’s all about the color, color, color.  The hue, intensity, evenness of color and actual color grade (Fancy, Intense, Vivid) dictates the value of a stone.  After color, one needs to examine clarity grades. Obviously the higher the clarity, the more valuable.  Of course, some colors like orange, red, blue and green are so rare and in demand by coveted collectors and investors that they tend to trump the other value factors.

Cut is extremely important too because if the diamond is not cut well then it simply cannot shine and twinkle in all it’s glory.  Did you know that certain cuts can maximize the color of a diamond?  Often you will see a lot of radiant and cushion cut colored diamonds.  This is because the cut maximizes the color of the stone the best allowing it to get a deeper and more saturated color.  So you can see how cut is very important.  And then there is the carat weight.  If you have a decent size stone then it will hold and increase in value a lot more than a chip for instance.  Pink diamonds are usually a lower carat size so this is an exception to the rule!

With colorless diamonds there is usually 1 value factor of the 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) that stands out for most people.  For instance, some people don’t really care about the clarity grade and are more concerned with carat weight.  Others may want a perfect cut and are less interested in the color grade and don’t mind a K color stone for instance.  I’m personally a clarity girl. It’s the perfectionist in me and this sometimes gets in the way when I’m grading a colored stone because while I know color is the most important value factor, if I see an inclusion I get a little fixated on it.  I can’t help it, they bug me.  Some people actually love inclusions because it makes the stone different/unique for them and they know that it’s just one of nature’s birthmarks.  (Luckily we only sell IF Yellows and VVS/VS Pinks at work or else I would be distracted and irritated by the inclusions.)

Pink diamonds are rarer than Yellow diamonds but this is where personal opinion plays a large role.  I’ve seen this over and over at work where clients will come in ready to buy a pink stone for example and then the yellows call out to them because they are so much larger or more saturated.  I love all colors but I’m a girly girl and I have a special place in my heart for pink stones, all pinks, any pinks.  They are my faves.  I just think it’s very personal.  When in comes to an investment stone my very best advice is this.  Look for a diamond with a strong, saturated, even color, high clarity grade (Flawless to Internally Flawless for Yellows, Blues and Greens and VVS, VS for Pinks and Reds), decent carat weight for the color and a good cut, and you purchase it at a good price and keep it safe for many years there is no doubt you will do well down the road.

I almost forgot, the most important value factors of all…. a colored diamond whether it yellow, pink or any other color it must be beautiful, it must catch the light in a way that astonishes you and it must make you smile!  When you see that stone, hold on to it because that will be the one!

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