Pink Diamonds Perfume. Really?

by queenofcolordiamonds

I am seeing more and more perfumes on the market with diamond-shaped bottles.  Elizabeth Taylor’s fragrance White Diamonds with a pretty bottle encrusted in diamond simulants was a huge success in the late ’80’s and still is. I suppose it made perfect sense because diamonds were a passion for the legendary actress and it’s a universally appealing and perfectly lovely fragrance.

I get that women like sparkly beautiful things and it is therefore synoymous with perfume, which is romantic and feminine, but are we getting carried away when we take something as rare and beautiful as a pink diamond and name a mass-produced perfume with the same name?

I recently blogged about Versace’s new fragrance called Yellow Diamond  which I liked the idea of.  It came from a luxury brand and the bottle is very attractive and suits the fragrance.  However the Pink Diamond perfume has a rather plain, plastic, fuchsia bottle which is pretty juvenile looking but then again it is mass marketed by a company for the 19-year-old X-Factor, British singing sensation Cher Lloyd.  The pink diamond-shaped bottle matches a tattoo Cher has on her hand and the fragrance is supposed to reflect Cher’s personality. A note attached to the scent says: “The diamond is used as an iconic symbol for all of us to remember that no matter what others may say, we are all special.”

I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean exactly in relation to a perfume, but it is well-known that celebrities love their colored diamonds.  Maybe the perfume has kids trying to buy into an idea that though they can’t afford actual pink diamonds, they can have a piece of that luxury by owning a fragrance named after their favourite singer combined with a taste of something elusive.

Pink diamonds are so rare and valuable.  They are so incredibly stunning up close and personal.  If you’ve been reading my blog you will know that I am very serious and passionate about colored diamonds which is probably why I’m so irked by this perfume bottle even though I do realize this perfume is supposed to be fun and it’s just marketing and branding at it’s finest.  However, when you work with colored diamonds and understand the rarity and complexity of hues in a diamond, it is just hard to see anything relating to colored diamonds mass-produced to sell at £15 for 30ml, to an audience who wouldn’t even dream of knowing or understanding the value of a real pink diamond.

Having said this – sales for this newly launched perfume are up more than 500% on expected  figures.  A spokesman for the Fragrance Shop says:  ‘It’s one of our biggest celebrity  launches to date. ‘We have had to order in extra stocks today,  as we were about to sell out. ‘It has exceeded our expectations by over  500%!’