The Sarah Diamond

by queenofcolordiamonds

It has been far too long since I last posted anything. So I decided to draw some inspiration from my young daughter Sarah and post a little something about “The Sarah” diamond, cut and polished by Graff Diamonds.


Many incredibly historical and valuable diamonds were discovered in South Africa, and The Sarah is no exception.  A magnificent yellow rough diamond weighing 218 carats was acquired through local South African diggings where Graff has the largest facilities for polishing gem quality diamonds.

From the moment Laurence Graff saw the enormous rough crystal in Kimberley, South Africa, he had this to say… “It was an intense golden yellow and one of the rarest yellow diamonds I had ever seen. I knew the polished stone within would be more than exceptional”.

It was estimated that the rough stone would take approximately 16 weeks to polish.  Jean Chandesais (A Graff Master Cutter) was appointed in order to create such a masterpiece and yield 70% of the weight with the remaining weight being fashioned into another extraordinary finished yellow.    It was determined that a cushion shape would be created from the rough stone to retain as much carat weight as possible. The pavilion of the stone would be a radiant cut, giving it explosive brilliance.

sarah diamondOnce polished and perfected, it was sent to GIA to grade.  It came back as a 132.43 carats Natural Vivid Yellow, VS1, Very Good polish, Very Good symmetry, together with a report stating that it is the largest Natural color Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond ever graded by them.  The GIA identification number and the name GRAFF was engraved onto the girdle and then it was ready to be showcased in one of Graff’s new stores in December 2000 where Graff estimated the diamond to be worth $15 million.

I haven’t been able to find out why the diamond was named “The Sarah” except where it has been noted that the private buyer gave it the name.

Nonetheless the diamond reminds me of my little Sarah –  vivid, very beautiful, rare and exceptional!