My father – the color diamond perfectionist

by queenofcolordiamonds

In preparing for a seminar that I’m giving this evening, one of the topics is about how we select our color diamonds and about my training in the industry.  This really got me to thinking…

I am a GIA Diamonds Graduate and I’ve also had the privilege of being mentored by a Diamantaire in the industry who comes from a long line of cutters in Israel.  But the single most important influence and training I have acquired is by working closely with my father and President of Guildhall Diamonds Inc. for the past 10 years.

What I love about my father is not only his exceptional eye for beautiful diamonds but his incredible work ethic and unwavering commitment to only purchasing the highest quality Natural Fancy Color Diamonds for our clients.  It is this passion and unwavering dedication that is so inspiring to me.  He never settles for anything other than the most exceptional diamonds with the utmost brilliance, fire, symmetry and above all else, remarkable color.  He will only purchase Internally Flawless Yellows.  Pinks must be VS, Blues have to be Flawless or Internally Flawless and on and on.

Even when my father is offered “deals” in the industry, he will always pass if the diamond is less than top clarity grades.  If the color is a light fancy, he will pass too.  In fact, he has a way of finding diamonds with the most saturated hues possible.  The fancies he selects always seem to look intense, and the intense diamonds he finds tend to look vivid.  Vivid diamonds at Guildhall are naturally the most concentrated and saturated color possible.

I would like to think that having a keen eye and appreciation for beauty is innate and even inherited!  I know how a diamond calls me and how I can pick a Guildhall diamond out of a parcel of diamonds but I also know that this has a lot to do with working alongside my father every day and following his lead.

What I do know is that I will pass these exceptional values and passion on to my children who already at such a young age want to follow in the family business and I will  teach them in the same way my father has taught me – by doing and being exceptional.