29.62 Carat Blue Rough Fetches $25,555,555

by queenofcolordiamonds

In January 2014 an extraordinary piece of blue rough was recovered at the Cullinan mine in South Africa weighing in at 29.62 carats. The company reported that “this stone is one of the most exceptional stones recovered at Cullinan during Petra’s operation of the mine,” adding that “the stone is an outstanding vivid blue with extraordinary saturation, tone and clarity, and has the potential to yield a polished stone of great value and importance.


Well a month later Petra Diamonds Limited (owner of the Cullinan) sold this phenomenal blue rough to US Luxury Jeweller Cora International NY for $25,555,555 in what was deemed a highly competitive bidding process.

In a statement made by Petra Diamonds Chief Executive Johan Dippenaar “This sale result affirms this stone as one of the most important blue diamonds ever recovered. An additional allure is the diamond’s heritage from the Cullinan mine in South Africa, which is well known as the source of many of the world’s most spectacular diamonds, including the two main diamonds in the British Crown Jewels, and which is the world’s most important source of very rare blue diamonds.”

This certainly marks another significant milestone for Petra Diamonds. In 2013, Petra unearthed a 25.5 carat blue diamond which ended up selling for $16.9 million.