True Love For a Red Diamond

by queenofcolordiamonds

They say “If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you then it was meant to be.” I suppose the same can be said about magnificent natural fancy color diamonds.

When my father Paul Wiseman, President of Guildhall Diamonds Inc. acquired a 0.48 carats natural fancy red pear shaped VS2 beautiful red diamond he fell in love with the vibrant color, the elegant shape and the wonderful fire and brilliance that the diamond possesses. It was originally part of his private collection but when he posted it on one of his clients loved the diamond and purchased it in 2013. Last week an offer was recently presented to my father for the diamond and so he decided to post it on Guildhall’s website to see if there is additional interest in this diamond. I thought I would ask him a few questions about this rare find.


Nicole: I know the diamond is gorgeous, but what is it specifically that drew you to this diamond?

Paul: The color, clarity and the shape are incredible. The body color is so vibrant and rich that it really doesn’t look like a fancy at all.

Nicole: In your mind, what makes red diamonds so special?

Paul: The rarity of course.

Nicole: What type of value would you place on this diamond say, in 10 years from now?

Paul: Easy seven figures.

Nicole: Do you secretly regret selling this special find?

Paul: Of course. It’s always bitter-sweet when you sell diamonds of this calibre. It was from my own collection as you know and it is truly one of a kind diamond. I will probably purchase it back myself.

Nicole: Do you have any other color diamonds in your collection that you will be bringing to the public in the near future?

Paul: Only if I see a diamond that I would like to own, then I may have to let something from my personal collection go.

Who knows if the client will sell the diamond, want to keep it or if Paul decided to buy it back. Either way it will fit into anyone’s collection beautifully.