The Enthusiasm of A Natural Fancy Color Diamond Collector

by queenofcolordiamonds

It is always exciting when one purchases their very first Natural Fancy Color Diamond. These diamonds are so spectacular, unique, and it is very exciting to own something so rare. For some people owning one pink or yellow diamond is a satisfying experience. They will either have a diamond set in a piece of jewelry that they can wear with pride or they store it away to grow in value.

For others, they get the diamond bug right away and usually within 1 year of their first natural fancy color diamond purchase they are on to their next diamond. This is where the fun and pride of ownership sets in. When people talk about their diamond collections there is a sense of accomplishment and pride that cannot be denied. The knowledge collectors have of each diamond is impressive and the enthusiasm can be quite contagious.


Diamond owners love to talk to educated people in the diamond industry. Because collecting Natural Fancy Color diamonds is a rarity I can imagine it would be difficult to find people in everyday life to talk to. How many can afford to collect Natural Fancy Color Diamonds? Is the average person in your family or network of friends and colleagues going to want to discuss hue, tone, saturation of body color? Are they going to want to debate the cut and symmetry? Do they want to talk modifiers or diamond type?

Not only is it nice and comforting for those who understand and appreciate color diamonds to talk about them but it is nice to have it confirmed that diamond owners bought well and have something of great value.

I often see collectors start off with a yellow, move on to another, perhaps pick up a pink and then start to search out the more exotic colors and blends of colors such as blue-greens or yellowish oranges.

Many people who purchase their first diamond would never imagine that they would one day own multiple natural fancy color diamonds and be a viable collector. And I’m sure many collectors could never image being without their valuable finds to admire or pass on to future generations.