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U.S. Marshals to Auction 15 Carat Yellow Diamond

The U.S. Marshals Service is conducting a live and Web simulcast auction to sell 255 lots of fine jewelry, watches and gold coins in San Antonio Saturday August 18th.  The items being sold were seized from federal court cases nationwide and are now forfeited to the government. The U.S. Marshals Service consolidates pieces from cases nationwide and holds a large auction several times a year. Proceeds generated from the auctions are used to compensate victims of crimes and supplement law enforcement programs.

Of course, what interests me is the platinum ring with a 15 ct. fancy yellow diamond which is valued up to $180,000.

The value of $180,000 seems extremely low for a 15 carat diamond!  I am certain that the clarity grading must be fairly low. SI2?   Perhaps the stone is a Fancy and the setting has been designed to maximize the color because it just seems low.

Either way, the auction starts at 10 a.m. CDT at the Adrian Spears Judicial Training Center, and the Web simulcast is at www.txauction.com.

Eager to see what the winning bid comes in at and if they describe the stone in more detail!  Stay tuned for the results…

Barbie Doll Adorned in Argyle Pink Diamond

Meet the world’s most expensive Barbie.


My daughter is invited to a Barbie themed Birthday party this weekend where they are encouraged to bring their favorite Barbie and naturally I would like to find a nice, somewhat unusual Barbie Doll to give as a present. I’ve been to a few toy stores on the hunt for a perfect yet affordable Barbie Doll to give as a gift and I’ve been seeing a lot of couture adorned dolls which led me to do a little search online. Wow, was I amazed when I found the Canturi Barbie wearing a beautiful custom designed Argyle Pink diamond necklace which sold at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Event in October of 2010 for $302,500. Here’s the scoop…

In 2010, to celebrate the Barbie Basics Collection-a line of urban socialite dolls, each with a different hairstyle and skintone and wearing her own unique Little Black Dress-Mattel commissioned this stunning doll with accessories by renowned jewelry designer Stefan Canturi.

The necklace features 3 carats of white diamonds arranged in a Cubist style and surrounding a rare pink diamond from Australia’s Argyle mine. The centerpiece is emerald cut and weighs in at 1 carat. A ring adorned with another diamond decorates Barbie’s right hand. In 2010 Mattel sent their bejewelled Barbie on a whirlwind tour to London, Geneva and Hong Kong and then she returned to New York for Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction where the distinctive, purplish-pink diamond – a highly collectible, registered tendered stone from the Australian Argyle mine – was the drawcard. It sold for $302,500! The auctioneer, Christie’s in New York, said: “The modified square-cut fancy vivid purplish pink diamond transcends this exceptional Barbie into a historical investment piece.”

I’m amazed at how precise and beautiful Canturi’s Argyle Pink Diamond design is. This Barbie is surely one of a kind.

Getting back to the Barbie Party, it turns out that we are going on a last-minute get away and my daughter can’t make the party after all! However, I’m sure a modest Barbie will show up on the birthday’s girl door as a thank you for the invite!