1.07 Fancy Blue Pear Cut IF Diamond

I’m off to record our weekly radio show where I am going to talk about one of my favorite diamonds in our collection!

bluepearifjul16This absolutely spectacular blue diamond has a pure crystal blue, even colour that twinkles with sheer perfection. The diamond was found in South Africa from an original piece of rough weighing 2.17 carats. It was cut into a 1.24 carat diamond but due to the rarity of this special and strong blue colour and unique shape of the pear it was then re-cut into an Internally Flawless.

It now possesses the perfect combination of shape, colour and clarity.

This incredible diamond took 4 months to re-cut the stone by an extraordinary cutter in South Africa and was actually part of a an extremely rare collection of IF natural fancy coloured diamonds.

Appraised Value CAD: $ 555,000
Our Price CAD: $ 380,000