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A red diamond creates another world auction record

Wow, what a week for Natural Fancy Color Diamonds at auction. On the 21st we saw a fancy vivid blue, pear cut VVS2 diamond from the collection of Mrs. Paul Mellon set new auction records at Sotheby’s New York for the record total price for any blue diamond and a new world auction record price-per-carat for any diamond. The diamond had a presale estimate of $10 million to $15 million and sold for $32,645,000.


Today a 2.09 Carat Fancy red heart-shaped diamond by Moussaieff set a world auction record at Christie’s Hong Kong when it sold for $5,095,872 ($2.44 million per carat) to a private Asian investor.

Vickie Sek, deputy chairman of Christie’s Asia and director of Christie’s jewelry and jadeite department released the following in a statement.
“Colored stones and colored diamonds were keenly sought by private collectors and members of the international trade at Christie’s Hong Kong,” adding “One of the finest red diamonds ever offered for sale achieved a world record price of well over $2 million per carat. It is also the most expensive red diamond ever sold at auction.”

Other highlights from the sale: a 10.1 ct. cushion Burmese ruby and diamond brooch by Cartier ($8.4 million); a pair of jadeite cabochon ear studs measuring 26 mm each ($6.7 million); and a 3.39 ct. oval vivid blue diamond ring ($5.8 million).


About The Blue Mellon Diamond Owners

When natural fancy color diamonds sell at auction, we do not always get very much historical background regarding the owners of these magnificent diamonds. But isn’t it fascinating to know these details? For instance, what type of people have collected color diamonds? How long have they been in a family for? Why did they end up at auction?

bunny mellon 7

In the case of the Blue Mellon diamond recently sold at Sotheby’s New York, the Fancy Vivid Blue Pear Cut VVS2 diamond, mounted in platinum, weighed in at 9.75 carats, and sold for more than any other blue diamond at Sotheby’s at $32.6 million. In fact, the sale price exceeded the previous blue diamond record in 2008, that of the Wittelsbach Diamond, which sold for $24.3million and weighed more at 30 carats.


The Mellon Blue sold to an anonymous collector from Hong Kong who won the bid, beating out six other competitors along with the pre-estimate of $15million.
The diamond belonged to The Mellon family. When widow Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon also known as “Bunny” Mellon passed away in March of this year at the age of 103, the blue diamond along with many other personal items were sold by her estate over a five day period totaling $218 million. See “The Mellon Auction” below.

Married to one of America’s richest men Paul Mellon, philanthropist, horse breeder and heir to the Mellon Bank, the Mellon’s were substantial art collectors. Together they collected over 1,000 works of art including several works by artist Mark Rothko and donated many European paintings to the National Gallery of Art and established the Yale Center for British Art. The couple is well known for their 1993 Sea Hero win at the Kentucky Derby.


Rachel Mellon was an American philanthropist, horticulturalist, art collector and gardener. She also inherited a fortune in her own right as heir to the Listerine mouthwash fortune, which her grandfather invented. She was very private, only giving a few interviews in her 103 years of life but was well renowned in particular for her exceptional gardening talents.
Amongst many high profile gardens around the world, Mellon created a landscape design for the home of the late Hubert de Givenchy and assisted with a restoration of the potager du Roi in Versailles. Mellon was also invited to redesign the White House Rose Garden during the Kennedy reign. The President was so happy with the garden that after the Cuban Missile Crisis concluded, he wrote a personal letter to inform her that the garden:

‘has been our brightest spot in the somber surroundings of the last few days.’


After JFK died, Mellon design a second garden which she insisted be named for Jackie Kennedy.

Paul Mellon died in 1999 at the age 91 and was survived by his two children from a previous marriage and the couple’s one daughter Eliza who died in 2008 after complications from a car accident eight years prior to her death.

It is difficult to assess Mrs. Mellon’s accumulated assets but by all accounts between inheritances, invested trusts and fixed assets she was extremely wealthy.
Her homes in Paris, New York, Nantucket, Antigua, Cape Cod and Oyster Harbors were sold prior to her death with the exception of her Oak Springs estate in,Virgina; a 4,000acre property including a 1 mile airstrip for her Falcon 2000.

mellon estate

Unfortunately Mrs. Mellon was not exempt from deception and subsequently lost $5.75 million dollars to Kenneth Star; convicted Ponzi scheme operator.
Mrs. Mellon was awarded several honors including: The American Horticultural Society Landscape Design Award, Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, The Henry Shaw Award and the The Royal Horticultural Society’s The Veitch Memorial Medal.

She was also politically affiliated hobnobbing with the Kennedys and funding John Edwards’ 2008 Democratic primary run campaign.
Mellon died at home after a 15-year battle with stomach cancer On March 17, 2014 at the age of 103 years.

mellon estate party

A dinner party at Sotheby’s provided a preview of furniture, jewelry and other objects from the estate of the philanthropist Rachel Lambert Mellon, known as Bunny, who died in March. The items are set for auction on Thursday. Credit Jennifer S. Altman for The New York Times

The Auction:
On 10 November 2014, items from Mrs. Paul Mellon’s collection of paintings, jewelry, furniture, and decorative objects were auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York for a total of $158.7 million, including Untitled (Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Light Orange) by Rothko, which sold for $36.5 million, and another Rothko that sold for $39.9 million. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation, a charitable entity established by Mellon in memory of her father.

mellon auction 2

The showstopper and what is making news around the globe is the spectacular Vivid Blue Diamond that broke world records.
Gary Schuler, Head of Sotheby’s Jewelry Department in New York, commented on the Blue Diamond: “From the moment I saw this diamond, I knew that it would be one of the most important stones that I will ever have the privilege of presenting at auction. It was incredible to see each of my colleagues experience the diamond for the first time, watching as the blue hue warmed and intensified in front of them with every minute in natural light. Mrs. Mellon’s diamond absolutely deserves the place in the record books that it achieved tonight.”

The bidding for the exquisite 9.75-carat pear-shaped Fancy Vivid blue diamond reportedly lasted nearly 15 minutes, with the hammer finally coming down on the winning bid of $29 million – or $32.6 million in total after fees.


The diamond’s new owner, based in Hong Kong, has renamed the stone “The Zoe Diamond”.

Blue Diamond Breaks Record at Sotheby’s New York

A spectacular Fancy Vivid Blue Pear Cut VVS2 diamond, mounted in platinum, weighing in at 9.75 carats just sold for more than any other blue diamond at Sotheby’s at $32.6 million. In fact, the sale price exceeded the previous blue diamond record in 2008, that of the Wittelsbach Diamond, which sold for $24.3million and weighed more at 30 carats.


The bidding took 15 minutes with tough competition amongst six bidders. It eventually went to a gentleman based in Hong Kong, who has renamed the stone “The Zoe Diamond”.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Pendants Created for Cardiac Kids

In October I was fortunate enough to work with an extremely talented designer here in Toronto to create a small line of heart shaped pendants featuring half carat fancy yellow diamonds set in 18K white gold. The pendants were created exclusively for Guildhall Diamond’s involvement for an event they were sponsoring for Cardiac Kids.


The pendants turned out so beautifully that many of Guildhall’s clients have requested one for themselves!

There are only 2 pendants left, but I thought I would post them here as they would make beautiful holiday gifts. A portion of each pendant sold will go directly to Cardiac Kids in Support of Sick Kids Hospital.

To view the pendants and receive more information, click here.

To learn more about Cardiac Kids, click here.

The Enthusiasm of A Natural Fancy Color Diamond Collector

It is always exciting when one purchases their very first Natural Fancy Color Diamond. These diamonds are so spectacular, unique, and it is very exciting to own something so rare. For some people owning one pink or yellow diamond is a satisfying experience. They will either have a diamond set in a piece of jewelry that they can wear with pride or they store it away to grow in value.

For others, they get the diamond bug right away and usually within 1 year of their first natural fancy color diamond purchase they are on to their next diamond. This is where the fun and pride of ownership sets in. When people talk about their diamond collections there is a sense of accomplishment and pride that cannot be denied. The knowledge collectors have of each diamond is impressive and the enthusiasm can be quite contagious.


Diamond owners love to talk to educated people in the diamond industry. Because collecting Natural Fancy Color diamonds is a rarity I can imagine it would be difficult to find people in everyday life to talk to. How many can afford to collect Natural Fancy Color Diamonds? Is the average person in your family or network of friends and colleagues going to want to discuss hue, tone, saturation of body color? Are they going to want to debate the cut and symmetry? Do they want to talk modifiers or diamond type?

Not only is it nice and comforting for those who understand and appreciate color diamonds to talk about them but it is nice to have it confirmed that diamond owners bought well and have something of great value.

I often see collectors start off with a yellow, move on to another, perhaps pick up a pink and then start to search out the more exotic colors and blends of colors such as blue-greens or yellowish oranges.

Many people who purchase their first diamond would never imagine that they would one day own multiple natural fancy color diamonds and be a viable collector. And I’m sure many collectors could never image being without their valuable finds to admire or pass on to future generations.

Wimbledon Fever: A Tennis-Inspired Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Rare Pink, “The Diamond Engagement Ring Experts” have designed a truly one of a kind engagement ring on the heels of Wimbledon Fever featuring a 2 carat rare yellow round brilliant diamond set to look like a tennis ballRareP-Tennis-AD-copy.

The diamond ring is set in platinum with the 2 carat intense yellow diamond as the focal point draped in 1.5 carats of white diamonds. It is rumored that the market price for the ring would be approximately $137,000 USD.

Many in the industry are recommending it a perfect fit for Kim Sears, girlfriend to Scottish Tennis Professional Andy Murray.

122.53 Carat Blue Unveiled at Petra Diamonds

The Cullilan Mine is one of the oldest mines in South Africa being in operation for 111 years. The mine, owned and operated by Petra Diamonds has produced some of the most famous diamonds in history. This diamond is certainly no exception with it being one of the largest blue diamonds ever found.


Petra said the stone would be sold after it has “analyzed the diamond to assess its potential value…and… its optimal route to market.”

2014 Platinum Innovation ‘Design Challenge’ Winner

PRESS RELEASE*: Rahaminov Diamonds won the fifth anniversary “Design Challenge” category at JCK 2014’s Platinum Innovation Awards. PGI-USA annually hosts the Platinum Innovation Awards, challenging JCK show exhibitors to enter their most innovative platinum bridal and fashion designs.

“It was such a great achievement to have won this award, considering this was the first year we entered the Platinum Innovation Awards competition,” said Amir Goldfiner, the CEO of Rahaminov Diamonds.

A week before the show, Rahaminov Diamonds kept us guessing with announcing an unveiling of their exquisite and rare jewels being debuted at JCK Vegas. Six stunning pieces were showcased in their booth at the show. The line-up included one of the most tantalizing and rare diamonds named the “Vivid Ocean,” a fancy vivid-bluish green radiant-cut diamond; the “Golden Majesty,” a colossal natural fancy yellow diamond, weighing 40.23 carats; the “One Hundred” bracelet, created with a collection of 100 fancy colored diamonds and weighing an amazing 100 carats; the “Pink & Green,” a beautiful 2.05-carat natural fancy yellow-green cushion-cut diamond with natural pink melee; the “Fancy Pink,” a 7.09-carat radiant-cut diamond and, finally, the “Vibrant Bloom,” an extremely rare collection of eight GIA-certified natural fancy colored diamonds known to exist, which happens to be the winning piece entered into the competition.
PGI-USA challenged all designers to create one platinum jewelry piece inspired by the traditional five-year anniversary gift of wood. PGI urged designers to get in tune with nature and incorporate the theme into a unique platinum piece. The “Vibrant Bloom” was the perfect piece for this category and spans across the color spectrum of pink, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow; the color palette inspired by nature.

Rahaminov Diamonds was honored at the show on Sunday, June 1, 2014 as the winner of the award and was presented the notice by PGI.
Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner, said, “I’m so honored to receive recognition for this beautiful piece and am very thankful to all those who voted.”
The internationally renowned luxury jewelry design house is known for producing some of the most impressive jewelry pieces. Tamara’s designs have received critical notice in past years, winning JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award two years in a row. Each design is proudly made in the U.S.A. Rahaminov is wholesale to the trade only.

*Source: RAPAPORT [See full article here]

True Love For a Red Diamond

They say “If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you then it was meant to be.” I suppose the same can be said about magnificent natural fancy color diamonds.

When my father Paul Wiseman, President of Guildhall Diamonds Inc. acquired a 0.48 carats natural fancy red pear shaped VS2 beautiful red diamond he fell in love with the vibrant color, the elegant shape and the wonderful fire and brilliance that the diamond possesses. It was originally part of his private collection but when he posted it on www.guildhalldiamonds.com one of his clients loved the diamond and purchased it in 2013. Last week an offer was recently presented to my father for the diamond and so he decided to post it on Guildhall’s website to see if there is additional interest in this diamond. I thought I would ask him a few questions about this rare find.


Nicole: I know the diamond is gorgeous, but what is it specifically that drew you to this diamond?

Paul: The color, clarity and the shape are incredible. The body color is so vibrant and rich that it really doesn’t look like a fancy at all.

Nicole: In your mind, what makes red diamonds so special?

Paul: The rarity of course.

Nicole: What type of value would you place on this diamond say, in 10 years from now?

Paul: Easy seven figures.

Nicole: Do you secretly regret selling this special find?

Paul: Of course. It’s always bitter-sweet when you sell diamonds of this calibre. It was from my own collection as you know and it is truly one of a kind diamond. I will probably purchase it back myself.

Nicole: Do you have any other color diamonds in your collection that you will be bringing to the public in the near future?

Paul: Only if I see a diamond that I would like to own, then I may have to let something from my personal collection go.

Who knows if the client will sell the diamond, want to keep it or if Paul decided to buy it back. Either way it will fit into anyone’s collection beautifully.

Graff Vivid Yellow Sets New World Record as Highest Price Paid for a Yellow Diamond at Auction

Yesterday at Sotheby’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels Sale one of the most fascinating turn of events in auction history took place when a 100.09-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond known as the “Graff Vivid Yellow” came up for bidding and failed to meet the reserve price and consequently did not sell. However, with a quick decision from Sotheby’s Chairman David Bennett the auction house decided to re-open bidding for the Graff Vivid Yellow. The diamond ended up selling for $16,347,848 USD, setting a new world record for the highest price paid for a yellow diamond sold at auction.